Are you planning to buy a new car?  If so, you must be also preparing for keeping it in a good shape. For that reason, you need to make sure that the exterior of the car always remains as shiny as it will be the day you buy it. In case you don’t know a ceramic coating is the application of liquid polymer on the outer surface of the car. It makes sure that the exterior surface of the car is hydrophobic. It adds an extra layer of protection over the factory paint by creating a chemical bond with it. The ceramic coating naturally has the hydrophobic qualities which helps your car resist any external contaminants. It helps the owner of the new car in two ways firstly the car remains clean and shiny for a long span of time. And secondly it is extremely convenient to wash the car even by yourself at home. Not only this your car will also be able to avoid damages which it is at the risk of by ceramic coat application the car successfully resists stains caused by contaminants which are acidic in nature. Usually, vehicles that are exposed to, UV rays lose their colour due to oxidation, but that unwanted situation can also be taken care of by applying ceramic coats. 

Ceramic coating serves the purpose of keeping the car brand new. The paint of your car will be protected for a long time, which will also protect the metal underneath the paint. Ceramic coating should be preferred over paint protection film Sydney because it is thicker. Paint protection films maybe equipped with the property of hydrophobic coats but there performance is not as efficient as the ceramic coating. Furthermore, the ceramic coating does not have to be applied on every part of the vehicle in order to obtain the maximum benefit. However, if you are more partial to paint protection film than here is a good news for you, you simply do not have to choose. You can also go for ceramic coating and paint protection film over one vehicle at the same time. What is much better than getting the ultimate protection for your new car? So here is how you can make it work. First, you apply the paint protection film on the parts of your car that are most prone to scratches from dust and debris. This is the kind of external damage to your car that cannot be avoided by using ceramic coating only. The parts of the car which require a layer of both ceramic coating and paint protection film each are rocker panels, hood, side mirrors, front bumper and fenders. Hence, it is quite obvious that to protect your car you can combine paint protection film and ceramic coat application. So what are you still waiting for?  All you have to do is to contact us through our website. You can either email us or call us in case you have further inquiries.