It is a wonder that in this time and era there are people who do not take car repairs seriously. There are those who will go about with a bad car for many days and even months all in the name of trying to safe some pennies. However, the next time you find yourself in such a situation where your car is bad and you are trying to come up with excuses why you should not take it to the repair shop immediately, think of the following reasons and possibly change your mind. 

Your car could leave you in the middle of nowhere

You may be happy to say that based on your routine you are sure you will be driving only where you can easily find help if you had a breakdown. However, like the saying goes, cars are like babies and you never know when they will let you down. Even when a car is in good shape and has gone for classic car repairs, there is no guarantee that it will not breakdown in the most unlikely places. So, for you who actually knows that there is an issue with your car, it is better to have it fixed rather than wait for later. You car and leave you in the most unlikely places where you may be stuck for hours before help comes. Even if you are not in a wilderness, your car may let you down just when you need it most to run an important errand.

Your safety and those of other road users

It is unacceptable that you should be riding around in a car that is faulty. Cars are very useful but only when properly taken care of. They can be public danger when they are in bad shape. While you may be confident that you can drive your faulty car without any problems, you should also consider other road users and the effect that your actions can have on them. A faulty car is a danger not only to you the owner but to other road users.


While your reasons for delaying to take your car for repairs is because you are trying to hold on tight to your money. You may actually be penny wise and pound foolish. It is better to fix a small fault in a car immediately it is noticed than to wait for the problem to escalate to levels that may even result to the car being written off. Instead of waiting for the problem to aggravate and you end up spending more money, rather take it for repairs now that the problem is at an early stage and can probably be fixed at a low cost.