He who helps himself is helped by God is the conventional wisdom that still holds. A palm reader might take a person to a ride with fictitious vagaries and not pointedly say the real potential of the seeker lies within him. Another proverbial line comes to mind i.e. ‘diving and finding no pearls in the sea, blame not the ocean, the fault is in thee’. How true it is and there are enough and more to establish the truth individual exploits which transformed the course of the world; take all the researchers and inventors for instance. The palm and the fingers strengthened by the arm, elbow, shoulder etc are capable of doing much more that meets the eye, helping self in a much better way than another would except in cases of debilities. The palm cannot remain soft too long as a time comes where it is roughened by hard undaunted endeavours that pay great dividends never to regret.

One of the self-efforts that would bring much satisfaction to the owner is hand car wash usually a man’s task. Something similar is the horticultural hobby of a lady, tending the plants of her own garden. Of course the former is for moving out of home and the latter is right where she lives. Nevertheless, that fact cannot be stressed any further, that is the contentment that brings to the individual. The degree of contentment however relies on not only the effort but also the finish. The intent is individual and so is the initiation. If only the intention stems out of self then the initiation and continuation of thereof is palmed over to others and that does not fully satisfy even if well done for a subtle regret for not achieving by self will settle in.

Although the arm is strong and skilful for such a task as the best hand car wash in Melbourne without appropriate tools the task cannot be fulfilled to perfection. Mainly it deals with cleaning the surface of the vehicle returning it to the somewhat original glimmer sans stains that hold on to it every time it is taken out. The individual needs no other humans but the devices available for this purpose. Applying them in itself is an art to develop. By the second or the third time he/ she will master the method and the art probably in two to three weeks i.e. if the process is regularly done once a week after purchasing his/ her own vehicle.

The temptation would be to use the strength to rub and scrub force fully as in a kitchen. But that would damage the surface for sure. Softness with the ideal chemical solutions will be more than enough. Strength and force is used though while using high pressure water but the pressure is generated by the hose with a nozzle and not with the muscles of the cleaner. The owner will derive great pleasure in seeing the dirt, grime, fuel stains, bird droppings etc, simply vanishing when gently giving the vehicle a well-deserved care.