Ever since the time when man found the need for cooking food, firewood has been an important thing in life. The need to warn us humans was also a requirement which would be fulfilled by the use of firewood. When little villages and towns stated to appear on the lands which were deforested the need to find firewood was dealt with ease. Yet, when many larger towns started to appear and the need for firewood was at large the supply of wood slowly began to take the form of a trade of its own. Hence, the need for a steady supply of the goods were demanded to facilitate equilibrium.

Tool that should be recognized

The requirement for better tools and means of transport was timely. The more traditional way of acquiring wood was by way of an axe. This tool required on a high level of energy and a sound technique for optimum results. Maintenance of this tool required sharpening it and it only had an initial cost of purchase. As technology advanced, new inventions such as the chainsaw was introduced. This was a much efficient way of cutting timber as it required less manpower and could do the same job as an axe with a fraction of the time it took. However it requires maintaining to ensure optimum results. Chainsaw sharpening and oiling are some of the required tasks when considering the maintenance part of it.

Although this tool requires minimum strength and stamina when compared to using an axe it requires good skill and sound safety measures takes to use the same. Negligence while using such a tool could cause serious damage or even fatalities. Even the delicate act of chainsaw sharpening is preferred to be handed to professionals as it needs precision and is a delicate activity. Modern inventions suggest many alternatives to the use of firewood. The use of coal for the heating and cooking one and the use of petroleum based gasses and liquids are others. However the more traditional way of using firewood is the most cost effective method and is preferred by many even today. In traditional cooking, especially in eastern counties the cooking whit the use of firewood is preferred for the effect it has on the taste of food when compared to the alternatives. The need for quick heating in the midst of a busy schedule, lack of a steady supply of firewood and the hard task of clean-up after the use of firewood has made it less popular in modern societies. However, a few traditional individuals still prefer the same task of using firewood to facilitate their needs remain to this day.